Loving People For Who They Are

Let's learn to love people for who they are instead of who we think they should be.

Once you become a parent you automatically begin to feel this need to ensure that your children are living up to certain expectations. Are they meeting all of the milestones the doctors and schools tell you they should be? Do others applaud you for how well behaved they are? Are they geniuses, artists or inventors?

A Commitment to Happiness

Once you commit to something, things start to come your way that challenge this commitment. When you commit to losing weight, all of the foods you love to indulge on begin to appear from every angle with easy access. When you commit to being vegan, cheese after cheese dish makes you question your commitment. This is why the first year of marriage is the hardest. This is why most new businesses fail in their initial year.

Learning to Just Be

I’m currently writing this on my phone while laying in bed with a baby under my armpit. It’s almost 6 AM and I had set my alarm to wake up at 5 AM, which is the norm on the weekdays. As I tried to sneak out of bed, however, my little ninja, aka Sissy Boo, could sense my attempt to escape and she was not having it.

Life Lessons From My Son


I am a student of life and the world is my classroom. Two of my favorite teachers are Kuya and Sissy Boo. These days, especially given his age and the development of who he has become as his own little person, Kuya has left me in such awe. Not only has he taught me lessons in parenting, but when I really focus my attention on the way he interacts by himself and with others he is helping me learn to become a better person overall.

The thing I love most about my little boy is how interested and friendly he is with others. He definitely picks and chooses who he befriends, but his ability to begin a conversation with anyone he meets is so admirable.

Surrendering to Emotions

Last night we took a late night flight to San Francisco. I held onto hope that we would have a smooth trip, but after Sissy Boo threw a fit at the airport and our flight was delayed by almost an hour, I knew that I should prepare myself for anything.

Good thing I did because Sissy Boo wailed her head off like nothing I have ever witnessed on a plane, and I have been on hundreds of plane rides. I was frustrated and anxious. It would have been normal of me to project this frustration and anxiousness onto Nic and make him feel like something was wrong with him for not being able to help calm this girl down.

Am I Killing My Child’s Creativity?

This past weekend we spent some time in a cabin on the lake with family. It was a much needed getaway especially after my recent parenting meltdown. Yesterday, I took the day slow and spent most of it with my babies. It was the first time in a while where it was just the three of us for most of the day. I really enjoyed our one-on-one time and not just because they were so well behaved. Our activities yesterday also got me to realize something with Kuya that made me question my parenting.

Am I Cut Out to be a Mom?

am I fit to be a mom

Last night was a hard night. For the first time since I became a mom three years ago I honestly felt that I might not be cut out to be a parent.

Unhealthy Adults are made from Unhealthy Children

Most of us don’t want to believe that food and health go hand in hand. I know I didn’t want to. Yet, when we see someone who is grossly overweight or extremely unhealthy we automatically assume that he or she eats too much. In other words, we believe that his or her weight and health issues are directly related to their food consumption. Alternatively, some believe that these people are simply too lazy to take care of themselves.

Both of these assumptions could not be further from the truth. People do not just wake up one day and appear obese. The weight gain is a result of years and years of unhealthy eating and living which primarily starts in, you guessed it, childhood. This is the reason why I am so passionate about feeding children properly.

Learning About Real Food Through Lunch

As a society we have become so disconnected with our ability to identify and eat real food. It is no wonder that despite our advances in technology and medicine we continue to face a host of illnesses and diseases. What I have learned through my food journey, is that the industrial food revolution has made food such a complicated matter. With most “foods” found in grocery stores containing 10 ingredients or more, most of which are unrecognizable to the average person, it’s no wonder children (and adults) today have such a skewed view of what actual food is.

In Sarah Wu’s Fed Up With Lunch, she stresses the power of lunchtime as a time to learn. Wu states that “By ignoring lunchtime as a legitimate learning opportunity, Americans are paying a cost. We don’t know good food, we can’t prepare meals ourselves, and our health is suffering.”

Recommended Reading: Fed Up With Lunch

Most of us ate school lunch at one time or another in our lives. Some of us may have fond memories of the meals we ate in our youth and some may have horror stories. No matter which group you belong to, could you imagine eating school lunch everyday as an adult? In Fed Up With Lunch: How One Anonymous Teacher Revealed the Truth About School Lunches and How we can Change Them, that’s exactly what author Sarah Wu (aka Mrs. Q) did.