Are You Building Your Husband Up or Tearing Him Down?

Build your husband up. Don't tear him down.

Nic and I have gone through our challenges this past year. For the most part I have felt like we’ve worked through them. However, I was recently hit with the question of whether I was building him up. The question that followed was that if I wasn’t building him up, was I tearing him down?

Loving People For Who They Are

Let's learn to love people for who they are instead of who we think they should be.

Once you become a parent you automatically begin to feel this need to ensure that your children are living up to certain expectations. Are they meeting all of the milestones the doctors and schools tell you they should be? Do others applaud you for how well behaved they are? Are they geniuses, artists or inventors?

Transform Your Life

One year ago on this very day, we packed up our whole lives and made the journey from San Francisco to Minnesota. I was nervous, excited and filled with thoughts. For the first time in such a long time I was following my intuition, my heart, that voice deep within me that I had been ignoring for so long. I had no idea why my soul led us to make this drastic decision, but all I knew was that I wasn’t fulfilled with the way we had been living. There had to be more to life than simply working for money and using that money to enjoy what little time we had together. I could have never predicted what lay ahead for me in the coming year.

Why Marriage is so Hard

marriage is hard

Saying that marriage is hard is an understatement. Nic and I got along so well when we were dating and everything was so easy. We barely fought in the three years that we dated. We always had a good time together and there was a lot of love in our relationship. There was no doubt in my mind when I said “I do” that he was my life partner.

Five years later and two kids thrown into the mix really shook things up in our marriage. Of course we had to throw in a cross country move and a complete overhaul of our lifestyle just to make it more interesting. As you might imagine things got hard.