About the Meticulous Mama

As parents we all want to do what is best for our children. However, with the rise of industrialization, the desire for convenience and the hunger for monetary wealth, we began to let the government, food companies and corporations determine the proper ways to nourish our families, determine the toxins we allow into our homes and instill in us the patriotic duty to consume and keep the economy going.

What this has left us with is a society more ill and disease-laden than ever before, natural disasters and environmental catastrophes left and right and a consumer culture where enough does not exist.

The Meticulous Mama blog was created to help families discover ways to positively change living and eating habits. It strives to bring society back to simple living and proper nourishment. This blog hopes to inspire and motivate all families to adopt sustainable living practices in order to preserve the planet for the generations to come.

About Me

Hi, I’m Suzanne Yang Jaochico. I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful children. My husband and I have been married for five years. I couldn’t have asked for a more patient and loving life partner. My son aka Kuya is a strong-willed, imaginative and train-loving three-year-old. My daughter aka Sissy Boo is a determined, gracious and serious one-year-old. Without these three my life is incomplete.

My Story

Shortly after Sissy Boo was born I decided to go on a 3-week sugar detox in order to become healthier and to lose some of my pregnancy weight. Little did I know, this detox would literally change my life.

During the detox I began to learn more about food, the food industry and how food affects my body. I began to change the way my family and I ate by shopping primarily at Farmers’ Markets and adopting a whole-food plant-based diet.

As I began to feel the positive transformation that food had on my family, I felt a sense of pride knowing that I was equipping my children with valuable guidance that they could use throughout their lives. When I saw the influence I had on my children’s diets, I began to think about how I was influencing them in other ways. This led me to become more conscious about my impact on the planet and the ultimate home I would leave behind for them.

I began to develop for the planet and the environment, the same passion that I had for food. So much so that in January of 2017 I made the decision to go vegan for the environment. I am currently working on reducing our household waste and discovering ways to live a more eco-friendly sustainable life.

I did not grow up with this knowledge about proper food and the planet, but because of my children I am learning and discovering what works for my family. My hope is that through sharing my journey, you too will find that eating right and sustainable living practices are not only good for your health and the earth, but that they can also be fun and not nearly as difficult as we might think.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I would love to hear from you. You can contact me at suzanne@themeticulousmama.com or through the contact form below.