Be Your True Self

be your true self

Last week the family and I hiked Makapu’u Point trail. This trail is on the southeast side of Oahu. It was the most breathtaking hike I’ve ever been on in my life. Not only because of the gorgeous views, but because of the whales.

It’s currently whale season in Hawaii. Whales are spending their time here breeding, caring for and nursing their young. They will eventually swim to Alaska from April on. On our hike we saw numerous whales jumping up in the air, flapping their tails, and blowing water out of their blow holes.

I’ve been to Sea World and have seen whales close up. However, seeing these whales in their natural habitat was indescribable. They were so far away and I often had to squint to see them, yet this experience was far greater than anything I’ve witnessed at Sea World.

The World is Unlimited

One of the reasons I was so drawn to the whales was because they were living so naturally. The entire ocean was their home. When they jumped up in the air they did that because they felt like it. Not because someone was asking them to do tricks. They were completely being themselves.

Seeing the whales living so free and natural made me think of our experiences as humans. We also have the ability to live naturally with the world. We have the ability to explore and roam to our hearts’ content. Yet, so many of us create our own tanks. We block ourselves from experiencing all that the world has to offer us. We never truly experience the freedom and joy that are available to us.

It Might Not be Your Fault

When I think of the whales at Sea World, I assume that some of them grew up there. They know of no other life. They don’t even realize that there’s a whole ocean out there. They have no idea this ocean is their natural habitat.

That could be you. It was me. I grew up thinking there was only one way to live. Get an education, find a good job, have a family, pay bills and buy stuff. That’s what everyone around me did. I had no idea there was a completely different way to live. A way where I really felt like my true self.

Life in its Natural State

Being your true self means that everything flows easily in your life. You don’t wake up dreading the day ahead. You’re living in line with your heart’s desires. Your heart leads the way. This allows your mind to do its job and easily follow this lead.

The world is such a huge and vast place. This truth has become more and more clear to me everyday that I’m on this island. But, many of us act like we are confined to the small and safe places we’ve created for ourselves. We are also living lives made for someone else. If you live for adventure, you weren’t made to sit in an office 40 hours a week. If you are creative, don’t settle for doing work that doesn’t inspire you. Your true self may not want to have children. Each of our true selves look different. Yet, so many of us walk around with the same goals and intentions.

The Mind at Peace

When you truly live the life you were made to live, your mind won’t fight it. Your mind will finally be at peace. I can’t say that it will happen right away. The ego will still spit out its fears and doubts. But if you can push through that adversity, you will arrive at a beautiful state of mind.

We planned this trip for Sissy Boo’s birthday. However, I am getting so much out of it. This hike and the beauty I witnessed have truly changed my life. Even when I return to Minnesota, I will not return with the same mind. When my ego wants a say in running my life I’ll think back to the whales. I’ll remember that I was made to live in a way that is so much bigger than my ego can handle. A way in which my true self shines.

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