Stop Being Wishy Washy: Make Stronger Decisions

how to make stronger decisions

We currently live in a world where our choices are abundant. As a result I’ve had the tendency to be lukewarm about almost everything. Being in the middle was safe. It left me in a position where I did not have to make a strong decision. If I wasn’t being lukewarm, I’d make a decision and then spend minutes questioning if I made the right one. Or I’d go back and forth changing my mind.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to stop this. I wanted to start making strong decisions. Once a decision was made, I would stick to it, not question it, and see it to fruition.

I realized that I no longer wanted to live this wishy washy way of life. Being wishy washy meant that I was indecisive. I Googled the term and it is also defined as “lacking strength and boldness.” Two things that I definitely needed on this self-love journey.

A Stronger Me

When I started working on cultivating my mind, I knew I needed to program my mind to work for me. Having an indecisive character wasn’t going to help. In order to build a stronger me, I needed to make strong decisions and feel good about them.

When I lived in a wishy washy indecisive state, my life reflected it. My real life was the result of what was going on in my mind. I and my environment always seemed in limbo. We reflected insecurity and uncomfortableness.

I wanted to be strong. I wanted to be confident. Making stronger decisions wouldn’t necessarily solve this, but it helped. It helped eliminate doubt. It helped build courage. My real life now is also more in line with my heart and my desires.

Strong Decisions in Action

I am naturally analytical. I can spend hours going over a scenario in my mind. Although this can be helpful in certain situations, it’s a burden when the decision is something as simple as whether I should go grocery shopping today.

Spending time thinking about something as small as grocery shopping provided no benefit to my life. It used up precious energy that I could be applied towards greater things. Like making my dreams come true.

I haven’t been perfect in sticking to this this year, but I’ve improved. When I make a decision I stick to it. If I tell you I’m coming to your party I will be there. I won’t spend the day before contemplating whether I should really go or not. Something I’ve done far too many times. I’m good for my word and for my decision. I am confident in this area of my life and this confidence has spilled into other areas of my life.

If you’re ready to uncover the power of your mind reflect on your decision making process. If it isn’t strong, make the commitment to change that today. Don’t be wishy washy about it ☺️ This is only one of many ways to unleash the power within you.

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