Setting Intentions and the Power of Your Mind

The power of your mind

Yesterday I announced through Facebook and Instagram that starting next week my family and I will be spending a month in Hawaii. I could not be more excited. I’ve been talking a lot this year about my journey toward self-love. At the heart of this journey has been the cultivating, changing and discovering of the power of my mind. Through this power, I set intentions for my life. This Hawaii trip has been an intention that I’ve had for over a year. Actually much longer than that if I’m honest

I recently watched a video by Michael A. Singer. He is the author of two of my favorite books including The Untethered Soul. In this video, Singer states that “the mind can be a dangerous place or a great gift.” For many of us, our minds are dangerous places. There, we conjure up all of the things that can go wrong in our lives. We sit in resentment at how awful the world is. Through these thoughts, a reality appears that matches them almost exactly.

Our minds do not know the difference between what is going on in the real world and what is going on in our thoughts. It believes that everything is real. That is the power of the mind. The great gift. So, if I set the intention in my mind of my family spending a month in Hawaii, things start happening in my real world to align with these thoughts. Money starts to appear, ticket prices begin to go down, and eventually everything falls into place almost effortlessly.

More Than Positive Thinking

Intention setting and utilizing mind power are much more than positive thinking. Positive thinking involves only thoughts. You can still think something yet feel another way. When you utilize the power of your mind to set intentions, you feel these intentions at your core. Nic and I didn’t simply wish we could spend a month in Hawaii. Even when we had no idea how we were going to do it, we viewed this intention as truth and felt it in our bones. There was no way this trip wouldn’t happen. In response to these feelings, our intentions and our thoughts, everything began to come together.

In the same way that we can utilize our minds to be great gifts, we can utilize them to be dangerous places. If you’re a pessimist who feels that the world is against you and you can never catch a break, I guarantee you that your outside world probably reflects these thoughts. You likely feel these thoughts throughout your body. As a result, you manifest them into reality.

It is in our nature to look outside of ourselves to fix our problems, or to make our dreams come true. But the real solutions begin in your mind. You can only truly tap into these solutions and this power once you love yourself. Because through this love, you’ll realize that anything is possible. This love provides the ability to conjure up the truth and the feelings needed to empower your mind to create your great intentions.

Examine Your Thoughts

I know this Hawaii trip might not seem like much to some. But to me, it has been a true realization of the power I have to create my reality. Often when we see others achieve things that we would deem impossible in our own lives we credit it to luck or their personality. We fail to realize that these people have learned to tap into mind power. It is only when you love yourself that you can truly believe this power exists. Especially when no one else does.

I encourage you to take a look at the thoughts that fill up your day. Are they positive? Do they relate to your goals, intentions or desires? Or do you spend your time thinking about all of the things wrong in life? Are your thoughts utilized to criticize and judge others and yourself? The first step to tapping into the power of your mind is realizing where you currently are.

If you tend to be on the negative side, take baby steps to change that. Think kindly about yourself and others for an hour. Grow those thoughts into a day. If you continue this small practice, over time, kindness will become who you are. Your outside world will change to match what’s going on inside. If you don’t believe me, test it out for yourself.

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