A Self-Love Exercise

self-love exercise, journey to loving yourself

Talking about why and how we should love ourselves is great. But it doesn’t help if we don’t actually put anything into action. Today I want to walk you through a powerful exercise that can help you get to know, appreciate and love yourself more.

Have you ever felt someone looking directly at you and yet they are looking right past you? They see you, but they don’t really see you. This is how most of us look at ourselves everyday. We wash our faces, brush our teeth, and put on makeup all while staring at ourselves in the mirror. Yet, we don’t really take the time to look and appreciate the wonder of who we are. Who this person that we live with everyday is.

If you’re ready to love yourself it’s time to change this. It will be uncomfortable and awkward. Kind of like watching yourself on video. But, it’s necessary if you truly want to build a strong and loving relationship with yourself.

The Exercise

The next time you find yourself using the mirror pause after you finish your activity. Look into your own eyes in a loving way. Let whatever emotions you feel speak to you through your eyes. Smile at yourself. Tell yourself you are beautiful. Keep the exercise positive. If you notice any flaws don’t speak negatively about them. If you must speak about them, do it in a caring way. For instance if you notice dark circles. Tell yourself you’ll get more rest or take better care of your skin. Or, that it’s completely okay and you love yourself regardless.

Create positive affirmations that you can say aloud to yourself while you are doing this exercise. Choose affirmations that resonate with you deeply. The more affirmations you have the better. Make sure that they are genuine. One of my affirmations is:

I love myself. My heart, my determination, my free spirit. I love how I am able to make genuine connections and appreciate the wonder of this amazing world.”

Go on and Love Yourself

Repeat this exercise as often as possible. Make sure that when you are doing it, however you truly have the time to devote to yourself. Don’t rush through it simply to get it over with. The more you do the exercise, the more you become comfortable with truly looking at yourself. Looking at and uncovering who you really are.

Have you ever woken up to see your spouse or child and simply seeing their face gave you so much joy you couldn’t help but smile? That is the goal of this exercise. Continue doing it, so that eventually every time you catch yourself in the mirror, you feel that same joy for yourself. If it hasn’t already, that joy will eventually turn into a deep love for all that you are.

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