Time is an Illusion – Don’t Let it Control You

Is time really real or is it an illusion?

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that time is silly. Time is an illusion. By time I mean the human invented time. The hours on a clock, watch or phone.

I was sitting with the family eating breakfast. I didn’t have my watch or phone nearby. For some reason I was dying to know what time it was. I knew I didn’t have anywhere to go for hours. But the pull to know was driving me crazy. I didn’t give into it, however.

Why are we so obsessed with time? Most of us feel like we never have enough time. Is this because we truly don’t have enough time? Or is it because we spend most of that time thinking about it?

Stress Inducer

Other than money, time is probably the thing most stressed about in society. We are always on the go, worried about being late, or wondering where it all went. Like money, however, time is not bad in of itself. What’s bad is how, like money, we’ve turned time into this monster that controls our lives.

Do you control your time or does your time control you? Have you lost touch with the world around you and instead rely on the devices of time to tell you when to do things? What if time did not exist? When would you eat? How would you know you had a productive day at work? How would you measure quality time with your family? These are all great things to think about especially during this most wonderful time of the year.

A Time Challenge

After coming to the conclusion that time is simply an illusion I decided to give myself a challenge. I would encourage you to also try this in your own life. I love challenges. Mostly because they pull me outside of my comfort zone. In order for us to truly grow, we need to step out of our comfort zone regularly.

Pick a day where you know you have no real time commitments. A lazy Sunday or open weekend. Go about your entire day without looking at the time. When would you eat? When would you go to sleep? This challenge forces you to get back in touch with your body, intuition and with nature. Believe it or not, this is the way that people actually used to live!

To me this challenge is a realization that I am human. I’m not a robot that operates on time. I control my time. My time does not control me. If you need help with this challenge observe children who have no concept of time. They eat when they’re hungry. They sleep when they’re tired. Playtime is over when they’ve had enough. In this time-obsessed world that we live in it would do us good to stop thinking about time even for just one day out of the week.


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