How Morning Mantras Can Change Your Life

Say a mantra each morning to transform your day

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to remember to say my morning mantra as soon as I wake up. Sometimes I remember immediately after my eyes open. Sometimes it comes to me as I’m meditating, an hour or so after I wake up. It’s not the time that I say the mantra that’s necessarily important, but that I remember to say it at some point during each day. It does help if it happens to be in the morning, however. I’ve found that this mantra can really set the tone for the rest of my day.

My mantra makes me smile. It makes me remember how simple life truly is, and it makes me grateful to be alive. If you aren’t in the habit of waking up in a grateful state, a morning mantra might help you get there. Additionally, if you are continuously in “go” mode and you never take the time out to pause and think about your life or reconnect with yourself, a mantra can provide that needed pause.

My Morning Mantra

Thank you Universe for another day. Another day to be alive. Another day to spend with my family. Another day to live out my life’s purpose. Another day to enjoy the beauty of this planet.”

This is my morning mantra. It is simple and yet encapsulates all of what is important to me. It details my purpose and my reason for being here. When I begin to overanalyze, get anxious, or complain, I try and remember this mantra.

Uncover Your Mantra

I’m currently listening to Dani Shapiro’s book Devotion. In it she talks about her journey with spirituality, including meditation. She details how often times while meditating her mind wanders and she begins thinking about her lists and all of the things she has to do that day. She then goes on to say that other times during meditation she feels like she is one with the world.

This feeling of being one with the world. Of being connected to everything around you. It can be obtained through things like meditation and mantras. I believe we all already have mantras that have deep and significant meaning. We simply need to uncover these. We can do this by asking ourselves questions like, what can we not live without? What makes us feel the most alive? What are we extremely grateful for? Our mantras are there. They’re just waiting for us to get rid of the excess and uncover them.

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