What is Real Progress?

It’s 2017 and we now have phones that can recognize our faces. This is no doubt an amazing advancement and a marker on how technology has progressed.

However, it’s 2017 and we still have children who worry and wonder where they are going to get their next meal.

In 2017 our watches are phones, credit cards, and GPSs.

Many people still can’t even fathom the thought of having a woman as head of the biggest superpower in the world.

In 2017 cars can drive themselves.

People are still fighting to restrict others from loving who they want to love.

In 2017 we’ve put a man on the moon, created the internet and can take an airplane to almost anywhere we’d like in the world.

But in 2017, it’s still questionable whether working women should receive support to spend time with her newborn babies. People still judge others based on the color of their skin. Our respect for the planet is also at a destructive all-time low.

We can build these great machines and sit in amazement at how far we’ve come. But these are simply tools that help us live. Let’s not forget about the issues that make life worth living, that make us human, that connect us to one another.

Real Progress

We’ve progressed technologically, but real progress will be when children are never hungry, the president is whomever is the most capable regardless of gender, a working mom won’t feel torn between her work and her newborn child, we stop planting crops to feed animals in order for us to eat the animals and instead use the crops to feed children who are hungry, we respect the earth again and acknowledge how precious its resources are, we no longer fear the thought of being shot whenever stepping out of our homes, and when we finally realize that our goal should be to leave the world in a better state than when we entered it with regard to understanding, support, issues and the planet. This is what real progress looks like.

This post was inspired by Colin Beavan’s (aka No Impact Man) TEDxPotomac talk. Click here to view it.

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