Be Childlike

Have you ever sat and observed children? Children are some of the most mindful people on the planet. Most of them can only focus on what is in front of them. They do not think about and sit in regret about what happened yesterday. They do not worry about what’s going to happen in an hour or tomorrow. They simply live in the moment.

I used to think my kids were crazy. One minute they’d be whining and crying about something and then literally a minute later they’d see something else and then in an instant they’d be jumping with joy. I wondered whether I needed to worry about them from a psychological perspective, but now I realize that they are simply mindful. They are living in whatever moment presents itself.

Mindfulness does not necessarily mean being happy all of the time. Mindfulness includes the ability to realize that you may be having a negative feeling and then using that negativity to transform into something even more positive.

When my children are joyful, truly joyful, they have not a care in the world. Watching them in this state makes me smile. It’s a type of joy that many of us have lost because we simply cannot let ourselves just be. We feel like we have to constantly think about the undone laundry, the grocery list, and the emails we have to respond to, instead of just taking whatever moment life has presented to us and truly embracing it.

Of course our responsibilities have their rightful places, however for most of us, they have taken over our lives and consume almost every part of us. This is why many of us despise being adults, why we feel like we can never break free from our to-do lists, and why the void in us remains unfulfilled.

Attempt to think like a child again. Maybe for just an hour if this is completely foreign to you now. Accept whatever life puts in front of you. Realize how amazing your surroundings are. Do something that you loved with all of your heart when you were a child.

When I was a kid I loved to rollerblade. My heart warms up thinking about my first pair of rollerblades and how much I loved them. They made me feel free. How often do we see people rollerblading today? Almost never. I recently started rollerblading again and of course at first my adult mind was asking if I really wanted to do this — wouldn’t I be embarrassed? Once I got on those skates however and zoomed along the streets the way I used to as a kid, the thoughts quickly faded and I couldn’t help but smile.

Find your childlike joy and see how it changes you. There really is nothing in the world quite like it.

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