Reignite Your Spirit

What do we do when we feel defeated?

When the inspiration stops?

When the motivation halts?

When our souls can barely whisper, let alone sing?

When nothing seems to be going our way?

When we question what it’s all for?

When we just want to dig a hole and hide in it all day?

When we feel listless and lifeless?

When we just can’t fake it anymore?

We must search.

Deep within ourselves for that flame that may barely be burning. It may even look like it’s been extinguished, but as long as we’re alive we can reignite it.

We must find the oils that will make the flame burn bright again.

Oils such as meditation and prayer.

Words of affirmation and visualization.

Spending time with nature and clearing our minds.

Creating our works of art.

Hugging someone — really hugging them until we feel a spark within us flicker.

Asking for help.

Allowing ourselves to cry.

Running with no destination in mind.

Listening to and learning who we are.

Nourishing our bodies.

Understanding that we can’t do it all — we were never designed to.

Finding peace and joy within.

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