Break Down Emotional Walls

We build emotional walls around ourselves in order to protect ourselves from the outside. From those that may harm us, hurt us, and attack our well being. However, these walls only end up doing one thing – they lock us in. They lock us into our fears and our doubts. They make us prisoners in our own lives. We start to live in ways we were never meant to live.

How to Live in Love

we are love

Love is one of those things that everyone tries to define, one of those things that everyone wants to feel, one of those things that cause confusion in so many of our lives.

Love cannot be defined, it is not a feeling, and when we find it, truly find it, it provides our lives with complete clarity.

Transform Your Life

One year ago on this very day, we packed up our whole lives and made the journey from San Francisco to Minnesota. I was nervous, excited and filled with thoughts. For the first time in such a long time I was following my intuition, my heart, that voice deep within me that I had been ignoring for so long. I had no idea why my soul led us to make this drastic decision, but all I knew was that I wasn’t fulfilled with the way we had been living. There had to be more to life than simply working for money and using that money to enjoy what little time we had together. I could have never predicted what lay ahead for me in the coming year.

Live in the Present Moment

Have you ever reached a destination, only to count how much time you have left to be there?

Did you ever feel excitement about the delicious meal on your plate only to realize that within a couple of minutes you have already scarfed it down without really, truly tasting it?

Have you ever taken your kids out to spend quality time with them? But you find yourself thinking about the millions of things on your to-do list. You’re not even really paying attention to the feelings and emotions that your children are experiencing.

Have you ever sat through a course only for the benefit of saying that you completed it?

Unless you are an enlightened person who has discovered how to truly go through life, most of us are guilty of one or more of the above scenarios. We are so eager to complete the tasks. Including the recreational tasks that we set out for ourselves that we don’t simply take the time to actually enjoy them — while we are are doing them.

The Need to be Right

For a very long time now I always felt the need to be right. Not just right in the big things. But right in whatever may have been in debate. It didn’t matter if it was being right about who a celebrity may have dated in the past or being right about when we needed to take the car in for maintenance. Big or small, I had to be right.

Sometimes this need made for a good laugh especially when it was about something that had little meaning. On the other spectrum, this need has caused huge fights and heartache. I used to have a saying, “if i’m willing to argue my point, 99% of the time I know I’m right.” This made me feel like I was willing to let things go if I was unsure of them, but if I felt in my core that I was right, I wouldn’t stop until you gave in.

Faith, Spirituality and Religion

I didn’t grow up religious. I also didn’t have much spirituality in my life. We had attended church for a while when I was young. I explored religion as a teenager and young adult. However, I never felt like I could completely identify as a religious person. Probably because I could not wrap my head around the fact that there were only two sides of the world that you could be a part of — the believers or the non-believers. You could be a completely decent human being. However, if you did not believe in the one true God, you were going to Hell.

Live Your Truth

After sharing the struggles I went through in my marriage, I received so much feedback that my heart felt an overflow of love and connection. I received everything from advice on how others handled struggles in their own marriages, to stories on how others experienced exactly what Nic and I went through.

I was hesitant to share my story because it was so personal and intimate. But, I am thankful that I did because it provided others with the comfort of sharing their stories with me. For me, there is nothing more powerful than being able to share our experiences with one another. Experiences that move and shape our souls, whether these are joyful experiences or experiences that test our strength.

Choose Compassion

We all suffer in one way or another. Yet, most of us are so quick to point out the misgivings of another. We then go about suppressing our inner struggles and displaying a perfected exterior.

We label ourselves and each other which only divides us more — democrat, republican, blue collar, white collar, middle class, wealthy, poor, white, black, yellow, red, brown.

At the end of the day we are all human. We are more alike than we are different. The DNA of every human is 99.5% similar to any other human. 99.5%!

Why Marriage is so Hard

marriage is hard

Saying that marriage is hard is an understatement. Nic and I got along so well when we were dating and everything was so easy. We barely fought in the three years that we dated. We always had a good time together and there was a lot of love in our relationship. There was no doubt in my mind when I said “I do” that he was my life partner.

Five years later and two kids thrown into the mix really shook things up in our marriage. Of course we had to throw in a cross country move and a complete overhaul of our lifestyle just to make it more interesting. As you might imagine things got hard.

How Money Controls Our Lives

For those of us who watched the Mayweather v. Pacquiao fight two years ago, we were sorely disappointed. We felt like neither side was giving it their all. Many of us felt like they both signed up for the match solely for money.

I roll my eyes every time I see a new celebrity promoting Proactiv and claiming to have acne problems. From someone who really had a problem with acne, the photoshopped pictures of celebrities with bumpy skin claiming to be acne really hit a nerve, especially when I know they are getting paid ridiculous amounts of money for it.

The Kardashians probably have enough money to live a couple of lifetimes over comfortably without ever having to make another cent. Yet they continue to create apps and products to build up their fortunes.