Goals: Quantity and Quality

Wanting to lose ten pounds is a dream that many people have and such a common thing to say. We don’t even really think about this statement because it’s so normal. Similarly, wanting to make six-figures or a certain salary also has the same commonality when we think about our career goals.

When we were younger we wanted to go to certain colleges and live in certain cities. We are constantly focusing on the quantifiable aspects of life that we often don’t consider the qualitative aspects, which more often than not, are the most important aspects of any goal or dream. Read more

Learning to Just Be

I’m currently writing this on my phone while laying in bed with a baby under my armpit. It’s almost 6 AM and I had set my alarm to wake up at 5 AM, which is the norm on the weekdays. As I tried to sneak out of bed, however, my little ninja, aka Sissy Boo, could sense my attempt to escape and she was not having it. Read more

Take Responsibility For Your Happiness

As a society we have been trained to accept that constant unhappiness is a normal part of life. This is one reason why we can get into pity parties with our co-workers, family and friends about how unhappy, busy or stressed out we are and it feels completely natural. It sometimes even feels like the more unhappy, busy or stressed out you are compared with those you are speaking with, the better it makes you feel — like you’ve won a prize or something. Read more

Why I Blog

Musicians make music and we all benefit when they share this music with us. Painters make art and we also benefit from the works they share with us. Writers are our own artists, who sometimes get forgotten. In the same way that musicians make music and painters make art which are shared because it would be a shame if they weren’t, writers use language and words to create our own works of art which does the same thing — connect us with others. Read more

Life Lessons From My Son


I am a student of life and the world is my classroom. Two of my favorite teachers are Kuya and Sissy Boo. These days, especially given his age and the development of who he has become as his own little person, Kuya has left me in such awe. Not only has he taught me lessons in parenting, but when I really focus my attention on the way he interacts by himself and with others he is helping me learn to become a better person overall.

The thing I love most about my little boy is how interested and friendly he is with others. He definitely picks and chooses who he befriends, but his ability to begin a conversation with anyone he meets is so admirable. Read more