Life Lessons From My Son


I am a student of life and the world is my classroom. Two of my favorite teachers are Kuya and Sissy Boo. These days, especially given his age and the development of who he has become as his own little person, Kuya has left me in such awe. Not only has he taught me lessons in parenting, but when I really focus my attention on the way he interacts by himself and with others he is helping me learn to become a better person overall.

The thing I love most about my little boy is how interested and friendly he is with others. He definitely picks and chooses who he befriends, but his ability to begin a conversation with anyone he meets is so admirable. Read more

The Best Things in Life

In the last two weeks, both Nic and I have had deaths on each sides of our family. Both of them wonderful women — two of the kindest and most giving I have ever met. I was not blood related to either of them, however they both welcomed me into their lives and showed me a kindness and love that I could only hope to pass on to others.

When someone’s time on this planet ends, it really puts things into perspective. All of the things we seem to be complaining about, all of our problems, all of the things that keep us “busy” and from doing the things we truly love in life — they all seem so small and insignificant now. Read more

Surrendering to Emotions

Last night we took a late night flight to San Francisco. I held onto hope that we would have a smooth trip, but after Sissy Boo threw a fit at the airport and our flight was delayed by almost an hour, I knew that I should prepare myself for anything.

Good thing I did because Sissy Boo wailed her head off like nothing I have ever witnessed on a plane, and I have been on hundreds of plane rides. I was frustrated and anxious. It would have been normal of me to project this frustration and anxiousness onto Nic and make him feel like something was wrong with him for not being able to help calm this girl down. Read more

Choosing Positivity

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for being a part of my life. I know that I have gone through a lot of changes in the last year, which have caused some of you to wonder what is going on with me. Some of you may miss the “old me”. But please know that I wasn’t happy being that person. Read more

The Miracles of Life

We woke up today.

Without even thinking about it our hearts beat, our lungs fill with air, the sun rises.

The sun hits our face and we bathe in its rays. We’re provided with energy from the greatest source available.

We birth children and when we appear their eyes light up, pure joy fills their faces. It’s like we are magic. Read more

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Speak only when spoken to.

The adult is always right.

Follow directions.

These are a few of the things I was raised to believe and follow. Growing up in an Asian household, obedience was key. No one was interested in your wild ideas, your hopes or your dreams. We wouldn’t even dare ask a question because unlike what we were taught in school, there were definitely dumb questions at home.

Was the way that my parents raised me wrong? Not necessarily, but it did very much play a role in how I turned out as an adult. Read more

Choose Authenticity

It was safer for me to write about conscious and healthy eating and sustainable living. Those topics are hot right now and don’t require too much from me.

They don’t require me to search deep within myself, to question the scars I’ve been hiding and to admit that I have no freaking clue what I’m doing. But I can no longer write like that. Sure, some issues related to those topics may show up from time to time because they pull at my heartstrings, but for the most part, from now on I want to focus on the core of who I am or who I’m striving to be. Read more