Recommended Reading: The Body Book

I’m usually not a huge fan of celebrity books. Mostly because I feel that they get a lot of hype simply because of the celebrity and not necessarily because the book has much in the way of context. I was pleasantly surprised, however when I got done listening to Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, The Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body.

The Body Book is about Diaz’s journey from living the typical life of convenience and mindless eating to discovering real nutrition, her own strength and embracing her body through it all.

Format I Read: Audiobook

The Good

When it comes to Cameron Diaz I have pretty neutral feelings. I enjoy her movies, but I wouldn’t say I was technically a fan. After reading The Body Book, however I have come to appreciate her much more as a human being.

In The Body Book, Diaz holds nothing back. From her struggles with acne to explaining why we fart, Diaz talks about it all. The book is written in a way where you feel like you’re one of Diaz’s girlfriends and she’s simply talking about the changes she has made in her life and how these changes have made her feel great. In addition to simply sharing her journey, Diaz also includes the science behind the topics she shares, all in an easy to understand format.

The Not So Good

If you’re familiar with Cameron Diaz you know that she has a very perky bubbly personality, which is on complete display in The Body Book. Most of the time this is funny and entertaining, but sometimes can feel over-the-top.

As far as context goes, the book covers a lot, which is mostly good but can also feel overwhelming. It may have been better to focus on just a few areas and go more in depth in those areas than try and cover so many topics. Overall, however you will gain some new knowledge.


If you’re interested in learning more about living and eating healthy in a fun and easily digestible manner The Body Book is a great way to do so. If you often get bored of books written by doctors and want a fresh perspective in learning about how your body works, you will likely enjoy The Body Book.

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