Adult Acne: How Food Transformed My Biggest Insecurity

how I cured my adult acne

Food has transformed my life. When I say this aloud it sounds a bit strange, but it is no exaggeration. From making me realize what is truly important to feeling the healthiest I have ever felt in all of my life, real food is truly powerful. Some of the changes that occurred when I changed the way I ate were expected – the lost of pregnancy weight and healthier eating habits. What I didn’t expect was that my new diet would eventually heal my adult acne.

The War With My Face

Since 2005 I have been at war with my face. After coming off of birth control and returning home from a semester abroad, one or both of these things began to wreak havoc on my face. It started with a couple of pimples, but not long after, I developed full-on adult acne in my 20s. What I mean by adult acne is constant and regular breakouts, rosacea or cystic acne. These types of acne held no mercy when it came to living on my skin.

Family is great. They love you no matter what, however they also don’t hold back from telling you the truth. I remember many of my family members asking me what was wrong with my face. My uncle told me that if I wanted to beautiful again I needed to get this “problem” fixed. I was always a pretty confident person, but acne slowly chipped away at that. My skin became my biggest insecurity and still is. The worst part was that there was no way of hiding it. My face was the first thing that people saw. Sometimes makeup only made it more apparent that I was trying to hide my breakouts.

I spent thousands of dollars and tried every remedy out there for acne. Proactiv, creams, gels, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and home remedies like tomatoes and lemon. Some helped, some didn’t, but nothing treated the problem. After years of trial and error and tons of money down the drain, my adult acne became somewhat stable and I came to terms with the fact that I would have breakouts for the rest of my life.

The Cure for my Adult Acne

Last year when I embarked on my three week sugar detox, I could have never guessed that this would be the turning point that would lead to curing my adult acne. After coming off birth control I always suspected that my acne was hormonal and therefore thought that I would need to see a professional who could treat hormonal acne. However, about four months after completing my sugar detox and adopting a whole-food plant-based way of eating I realized when looking at myself in the mirror that I had not had a breakout in months. I examined my face and ran my hands along my cheeks. It felt smooth. Something I hadn’t felt in years. The huge pores on my cheeks and the scars from my cystic acne were also beginning to diminish and fade.

My skin is not yet perfect, but after what I have gone through I’ll take what I currently have any day. I have no doubt that my skin will only continue to heal and get better as long as I keep eating well. If you are suffering from adult acne or any other skin conditions, I would highly suggest changing your diet to one of mostly or all whole-foods. When I fall off of eating well for a certain period of time my body warns me by making a pimple appear. As soon as this happens I revert back to eating well and the pimple disappears. Most acne and skin conditions are our bodies’ ways of telling us we are not nourishing ourselves correctly from the inside. As Ann Wigmore has said, and I can completely testify as true, “the food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.”

Adult Acne and You

Do you suffer from adult acne or any other skin conditions? Have you tried changing your diet to treat your condition? What has worked for you and what hasn’t?

Sorry for some of these graphic before photos. You can click on them to view the full size photo. I’m still a bit embarrassed by them. Looking at them helps me realize how far my skin has come – all because of what I choose to eat.


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